Error Analysis in Record time

With big data and an undogmatic approach to methods

In the field of quality management, we have observed an interesting development: on the one hand, quality management is expanding, but on the other hand, the number of recalls is growing. Based on our experience, it is foreseeable that quality will become more and more of a documentation ritual and no longer a contributing factor in corporate value. In many companies, quality management no longer conforms to the methodological and technical opportunities of our times; instead, it is partially outdated and is only applied in a one-dimensional fashion.

Our specialists of our subsidiary Staufen Quality Engineers GmbH have multiple years of experience and success in handling acute quality problems and risk prevention. We offer you immediately accessible operational readiness and expert knowledge about all analytical tools and escalation management as well as consultation on sustainable quality assurance. Our approach is both clear and unconventional. Our obligation is not to a particular school of thought: it is exclusively to our clients and their work.

In the consulting process, we decide which tools to select based on the situation and what is appropriate to the challenges. It is only this undogmatic freedom from methodology that lets us reduce the processing time by half in troubleshooting. In conjunction with our quality big-data tool, we generally respond up to ten times faster and can identify the causes of errors in record time.

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Arturo Medellin

General Manager

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What we offer

Problem resolution

Reacting quickly and effectively to acute quality problems which can disrupt an efficient value chain and identifying the main source of the problem rather than combatting symptoms.

Problem prevention

Respond quickly and effectively to acute quality issues that lead to disruption of an efficient value chain and identify root cause instead of addressing symptoms.


Providing a quality system that creates sustainable support for your corporate strategy, creating and optimizing a culture of solving problems and measuring and managing quality.

Q-control & prevention

Managing risks – always having the big picture about potential product and process variations and proactively preventing problems by controlling and identifying negative trends.

What you get

Allocating resources more effectively by focusing on main problem areas

Identifying sources of problems quickly by deliberately deploying methods

Defining sustainable countermeasures based on the problems identified

Continuous quality improvement through problem-solving competence

Limiting the effects on costs and securing deadlines by responding rapidly

More about Quality Excellence

Sherlock holmes, We need you!

Faulty products, the threat of a recall, whispers in the industry… If a crisis like this is taking place at a company, it needs help as fast as possible. Luckily, the experts from Staufen Quality Engineers (S.QE) are ready to assist. A typical emergency call sounds something like this: “Hello, this is an automotive supply manufacturer. Cars equipped with our components have started to malfunction. The OEM is urging us to do a recall. It would cost millions and millions!” No matter whether the cry for help comes from Tübingen or Tokyo, S.QE can assemble a team of experts practically anywhere on earth. They usually arrive at the company only to be greeted by the sight of frowning and frustrated faces. The people in charge have spent weeks trying to solve their problem. They analyzed and tested what they could but came up empty-handed. Now time has run out on them, and they need a solution – right away.

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