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The political will for a turnaround in transportation has been formulated, but the sectors involved face different challenges and growth scenarios. The number of passengers in local and long-distance public transport is expected to increase significantly over the next 10 years. BMVI sees a similar trend in freight transport. The challenge for all market players is to position themselves for the future, while at the same time safeguarding their performance in day-to-day business so as to remain efficient and competitive.

A strategy is only successful as long as it is not only well thought out, but also implemented stringently and sustainably. Staufen can assist you in preparing your company and your staff for the future. We support you in enhancing significantly your culture and performance. We are committed to being and remaining effective – even after we are long gone.

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Arturo Medellin

General Manager


Phone: +521 444 1418722


We have a track record of assisting companies in the transport and logistics sector with these and other issues:

  • Strategy and target development from the board of directors to each employee
  • Analysis and optimization of value streams and end-to-end processes (using classical and digital methods such as process mining)
  • Operational excellence programs: in the railway supply industry, at railway transport companies and in the freight forwarding environment
  • Reduction of layovers and improvement of vehicle availability (feeding, maintenance, provisioning)
  • Customized qualification programs for leaders as well as training of internal improvement experts
  • Increase in overall business performance and leadership performance
  • Cost reduction programs, inventory reduction and working capital improvement
  • Introduction of Shop Floor Management and digital Shop Floor Management while linking to different plants/locations
  • Organizational development and change management programs
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