Consistently focus on added value.

Implementing a perfectly coordinated production system.

There is hardly any other corporate function in which employees can be taught the role of added value and waste as practically and quickly as in production. Optimization is used as the basis for helping Lean philosophy permeate the entire production process, and from there it affects the whole company.

No matter whether it is an individual assembly bay, an area of the factory or network of sites – the ideal value stream and minimal lead time are the focus of optimization. Lean Production combines a variety of principles. The desired effect is primarily the result of a harmonious interplay of these approaches.

The goal is implementing a perfectly coordinated production system.

By concentrating on what matters most – value-chain processes – you bring losses and waste down to a minimum. You can reduce your inventory and the related storage costs, and you will produce higher quality with greater productivity. You introduce flatter hierarchies while giving your employees more responsibility and competence. This increases employee satisfaction and initiates a culture in which you live sustainable improvement.

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Markus Riegger

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What we offer

Workplace design  increasing efficiency by generating best points

Reducing setup time – processing smaller quantities more often

Total productive maintenance – improving system availability

Line balance – designing flexible manufacturing cells in one-piece flow

Kanban and supermarkets – transparency in replenishment control

Factory planning – organizing strategic material flow

Shop Floor Management – managing where the value chain is

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What you get

Lowering loss and get greater productivity

  • Lowering loss and waste to a minimum.
  • Greater productivity and higher quality.

Reducing inventory, costs and interest fees

  • Reducing inventory and the related storage costs and interest fees

Greater employee satisfaction and improvements in communication

  • More responsibility and competence for the employees thanks to flatter hierarchies
  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Improvements in communication among employees

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