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November 13, 2023 | Global News, News Germany

Changes in technology and the shortage of skilled workers are both factors that are making continuing education an increasingly important issue for companies. Employee development within the organization is becoming a success factor with a view to meeting the challenges of an evolving business and working environment. The Staufen Academy’s diverse portfolio of courses will continue to provide the necessary tools for success in the coming year. 

“Lifelong learning has become an essential skillset for both executives and employees alike,” says Lea Buchmüller, Head of Academy at Staufen AG. “After all, effective leadership and operational excellence empower organizations to reach their full potential.” The 2024 Seminar Schedule offers a range of educational opportunities and seminars to help companies achieve their goals. 

Equipping young talent to leadership roles

What has been added this year is a development program for “Young Professional Leaders”. Academy Director Buchmüller: ” We cannot fill every gap in the organization with external specialists. Which is why it’s important to introduce talented people from our own ranks to leadership roles at an early stage.” Employees moving into a management position first need to grow into their new role. The challenge is to organize daily business to leave time for leadership, to create a cooperative atmosphere, to delegate tasks, to manage critical situations in the team and, ultimately, to establish oneself in the leadership circle. 

During training, any pressing questions the “newcomers” may have will be answered in seminars and one-on-one coaching. This also includes virtual learning elements such as web-based training and what we refer to as learning nuggets. The Staufen Academy emphasizes that what is learned can also be applied directly in the working world. 

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Lea Buchmüller

Head of Academy

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Phone: +49 7024 8056 151

Mail: academy-service@staufen.ag

Hands-on training & tailored educational journeys

The comprehensive 2024 Seminar Schedule also includes many new courses on Leadership Excellence, Operational Excellence, Digitalization and Supply Chain Network Management. Best Practice Tours round off the program. The Plant visits at well-known partners shows how companies are successfully implementing the relevant topics in their day-to-day. Lea Buchmüller: “We offer authentic and comprehensive training and development that goes far beyond mere knowledge transfer. We emphasize hands-on training that empowers you to perform at your best.” Regardless of size and industry, the Staufen Academy also assists companies on their own individual educational journeys and offers tailored solutions for specific challenges. 

Start your education journey in the organization now – with the new Seminar Schedule 2024. 

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