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Invest in further training and master crises. With the new program from the Staufen Academy! 

October 18, 2022 | News Germany

Only companies that transform themselves into a learning organization can emerge stronger from the current crises. The Staufen Academy has been supporting managers and employees on this path for many years. The extensive 2023 Academy Program will once again offer solid answers to key challenges regarding sustainability, digitization and new working environments. 

For years, the economy has been in multi-crisis mode, and it is clear that this will not ease any time soon. On the contrary: “Staufen has been advising, coaching and training companies, managers, and employees for almost 30 years, but no one here can remember such immense and, above all, simultaneous challenges as those occurring right now,” says Kathrin Negele, Head of the Staufen Academy. “Those who take the risk of missing out on the major issues of the future risk losing out in several areas at once.” 

Holistic transformation through qualifying the team 

In addition to the ongoing challenges posed by digitization and new working environments, the topic of sustainability is quickly heading to the top of the agenda. “The spectrum ranges from reducing the CO2 footprint through energy-efficient and resource-conserving production to creating maximum transparency and resilience in the supply chain with modern supply chain network management,” says Negele. 

It is not enough to simply adapt a company’s structures and processes to the challenges. “If you want to hold your own in the market in the long term, you need a qualified workforce,” says the Head of the Staufen Academy. “A team is a company’s most important resource for successful holistic transformation.” 

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Seminars provide practical knowledge on sustainability 

The Staufen Academy’s mission is to qualify managers and employees at different organizational levels. The basis for this is the 2023 Academy Program, which focuses on Lean Management, leadership, operational excellence, and digitization. In addition, the Staufen Academy is offering several new training courses on the topic of sustainability excellence. “Professionals are under pressure to shift their companies as quickly as possible to carbon neutrality, zero waste, and a circular economy. They have to meet new requirements and guidelines as well as achieve concrete, measurable results,” explains Kathrin Negele. “In our training courses, they receive inspiration on how to meet these requirements and apply their knowledge quickly and efficiently in practice.” 

More than 110 experienced trainers share their knowledge in seminars, workshops, and in-house trainings. E-learning helps participants consolidate what they have learned. In addition, the Academy is increasingly focusing on hybrid learning. With so-called blended learning, on-site events are combined with online modules. In addition, 65 well-known BestPractice partners of Staufen AG demonstrate how the various topics can be successfully implemented in everyday work during on-site visits. 

The new 2023 Academy Program is available for download:


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