How to become a lean leader

June 12, 2020 | Leadership and Organizational Development, Leadership und Organisationsentwicklung, Staufen Academy

In addition to the five characteristics described in our blog article, executives must be perfectly polished and above all the perseverance, patience and perseverance to optimize their own habits, tools and approaches in order become excellent lean leaders. It is up to the executives to guide themselves (!) and their employees so that they can complete their work effectively and efficiently. To do so, they must be prepared to constantly develop themselves and their mindset. Seven influencing factors play an important role in this:

  • Attitude: How do I (and we!) act and react to changes?
  • Values: Value system as identity, orientation and source of motivation
  • Behavior: Observable leadership and performance behavior
  • Roles: Situational leadership, choosing the right role at the right time
  • Tasks: Management and leadership tasks with a “lean” touch
  • Methods: Lean methods and tools for real added value
  • Skills: Process, system and person-oriented skills

These complex competencies and skills can be acquired from role models and through intensive learning. This can be done most effectively with professional education. Here, role models who have gone down this path before and have gained corresponding knowledge can support all participants in becoming lean leaders in a practice-oriented manner.

If the training concept is oriented towards participants and their professional environment, they can apply the knowledge gained to their day-to-day work after successfully completing the training and work on individual use cases, practical projects and experience reports in the process. Under the leadership of a lean leader, this impulse can propagate throughout the entire team and set new standards with lean leadership.

Who will be the next lean leader?

Lean leaders help each individual to work efficiently and effectively, beginning with the leaders themselves, then to the team and the lean organization. The focus is on people and not only appreciating them but also the product and corporate culture.

Lean leaders set the right impulses, always act proactively and lead their team in terms of impact, effectiveness and value creation paired with appreciation. This requires the five characteristics that a lean leader already possesses or is currently developing and extensive knowledge that can be acquired through proper training. Lean leadership is a holistic philosophy that permeates the entire company, starting with executives and ideally enables each individual employee to effectively lead him or herself.

If the spark for learning continues to burn, after a longer transition period, you can take in-depth workshops that further advance or broaden your own professional focus, such as focusing on agile, digital or transformational levers of effective leadership in dynamic times. Because lean leaders are passionate about learning and lean leadership in the present and the future. A lean leader also sets him or herself the task of leaving a positive mark by enabling and developing others along his or her journey towards excellence and accompanying the company on the path to its ideal state. A lean leader cannot do this alone and is aware of this. Therefore, agile interaction and conscious collaboration with the best offline and online approaches in lean leadership are essential.

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